Our goal at Team Vision is to build leaders who build leaders. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to see results. Follow our simple 3-Step system to achieve the results you want!

STEP 1: New Signup

  1. Add to team FB page & welcome them – Team FB Page
  2. Personal welcome email
  3. Welcome call with team mates
  4. Schedule 3 In-Home meetings ***
  5. Download IsaLIfe App – Download from the App Store or Google Play
  6. Open Box Call

*** Video Critical 1st 30 Days

***Video Welcome Call

***How To Invite

STEP 2: Start Sharing

3 In-Home Meetings

  1. You do the first one as a training
  2. You and your new associate do the presentation
  3. Your new associate does the presentation, you’re there to support


3 One on Ones with upline

  • BAMFAM – Book A Meeting From A Meeting – at every single meeting/event

***Video “How To” In Home Presentation

***PDF Enrollment Form

***Video “How To Do a 3 Way Call”

***Bamfam video

STEP 3: Plug In

  1. Weekly Team Zoom – Monday nights @ 6 PM Pacific
  2. Team Events – Announced and posted on Team FB page *** link to Team FB page
  3. Prospecting Page – add your prospects to page *** link to Fit Healthy Happy page
  4. Business Page – add your prospects *** link to Your Plan B page

***Video add tag system for pages

***Importance of events video